July 17, 2010

Summery Things Captured on Film

Hi, there.

We've been going to the swimming pool everyday. Not even time to launder the towels and suits. I've just been hanging them on our deck. Above, you see Stella playing amongst the clutter.

They come home exhausted and hungry. I lay them out and give them milk and have 2 minutes of quiet.

Odd thing about film: I sometimes photograph the same things with both of my cameras. So, I've already blogged about Stella meeting the sprinkler for the first time with digital photos. Now I have film. So, please re-visit it with me.

We've been sleeping A LOT here. Here's Jeff and Margot's bedtime ritual story.

Margaret has worn panties all day. She's urinated twice in the potty, once on the kitchen floor and one in the nice clean water of the baby pool. We'll do sleepy diapers for naps and nighttime, but would love any advice that you have to offer on that front. I think moving her bowels will be a different story. My guess it that she will hold it all day and do that part of her business in the diaper in the crib. -- "Just a phase" I keep telling myself.

All of the above are photographs made on my nikon fm10 film camera using kodak 800 film. The two below are from the same roll of film but have a very weird feel to them. I thought I should set them apart. They hardly even look like my children, but for some reason, I like them.


Amy July 17, 2010 at 9:10 PM  

It took Laith quite a long time to adapt to sleeping without a diaper. He potty-trained RIGHT at 2, or a little before, and the dropped sleepy diapers by 3 and some change, maybe even 3 and 1/2, if I remember correctly. I wasn't entirely consistent, with moving and having a little baby and also, I was working part-time during that time. I'm sure he could have done it more quickly. I basically just waited until he was totally dry night after night (and old, ha) and then started letting him go to bed and nap in his undies. He had a few accidents here and there, and then I noticed it had been a month, then months, and so on, since I'd to scrub the mattress down. So, he's been good for about a year now, but we were slow and patient. (or lazy, I don't know)

BUT, I have had friends, many, who claim success by just doing it cold turkey. As in, laying them to bed or nap with a towel and waterproof mattress thing under them, letting them wake up soaked in urine, bathing them, explaining why they feel so uncomfortable, and after a few weeks, they're golden. That does sound a bit more efficient. I tried it a few times, and just couldn't handle it because of the season of life we were in. I might never be able to handle it! Who knows. It happens eventually, either way. (I guess.)

But congratulations on Margot wearing undies! I think that is one of the biggest milestones, and so adorable. I just love buying underwear for my kids.

Amy July 17, 2010 at 9:13 PM  

Let me clarify. Kid. I have not yet purchased underwear for Bela, though he begs to wear Laith's over his diapers (and succeeds).

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