July 14, 2010

The Post About Nothing


Stella is such a willful little girl. She is practically insisting on holding my lens cap any time my camera ("cambra") is in sight.

I figure that I should just pick my battles.

Because they really become


Even though they are short lived battles

Have I mentioned that I now love film? Jeff thinks I'm crazy: Why should I go back to something that has been so much improved?

Well, I just enjoy it. Like I enjoy the whistle of a tea kettle even though electric kettles now exist. The same way a driver gets a greater thrill driving a standard transmission car (like ours!) than an automatic. Yes, there have been inovations. Yes, there is an easier way -- but the joy of doing something the hard way, the way that those who went before us did it, it just feels good sometimes.

Don't get me wrong. I love megapixels. I love digital clarity. I love knowing that the world can see just how much snot Stella's nose was pouring out yesterday.

But there's something about the ... rawness of film.

The fact that the imperfections of the photograph of a pomegranate don't really ruin the image, the feel of the thing -- I like that. I also greatly enjoyed making sunflare on film. I had no idea how it would turn out.

The Stella girl met the sprinkler for the first time yesterday too



She also likes to run while sweeping her arms around as a skate's heel sweeps smooth on a bow bend.

We spent another day at the pool (well, long morning and then home for naps). Margot did really well in her new floatation device the Puddle Jumper. And Stella wore a speedo boating life jacket while jumping off the sides of the pool.

At first she was drinking in a bit of water with each jump. By the end, however, she was jumping all the way in and under without doing much more than a minor gasp.

Margaret still doesn't go under the water comfortably. We'll see how long we can keep it up with Stella. Too much action in the pool to get ANY pictures.

They keep me busy.

We went in to the raquet ball courts too. I strongly suggest that, should you have access to a court, you take your children there as soon as possible!

The light and the off-white walls, however, are not good for amateur photography.

Jeff and I are out to dinner alone tonight. I've just finished Mansfield Park and on to Villette (which has been on my reading list since 2007).



Amy July 14, 2010 at 9:03 PM  

I bet they keep you busy! Whew. I really like the look of film, too. There is something very tangible about it. Sort of like grinding your own grain (in a hand grinder) with the help of a 3 yr. old, and then having a very grainy loaf of bread. To me, it tastes better, knowing how we worked for it. Or not wanting to throw away ANY produce from your own garden...when from the store I don't usually hesitate tossing the bits that have spoiled. We need to get our kids together sometime. Good job with your photography, I think it's great.

Holly July 14, 2010 at 9:50 PM  

Good point about produce and grains! I would love to see you grind them sometime! Kiss your sweet Laith and Bela for me.

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