June 5, 2010

Up-Do and Circolo

Stella has an ear infection. That baby has been so hot. I pulled her hair up off of her neck and put a cold rag there to help cool her. I think this up do really suits her well. Elegant. Classy.

We found this inflatable ring in one of the drawers I was cleaning out. It provided Margaret with some unnoticed exercise. She just wants to sit and color all day. any ideas about other ways to get her exercising? We take walks down our street and she just whines and asks to be picked up. She's a bit lazy! I need to work on that. All suggestions are welcome.

So rare for me to capture one of Margaret's genuine smiles on the camera! I will cherish this picture for many years to come!


Amy June 6, 2010 at 8:45 PM  

I LOVE her smile. That is beautiful. I laughed so much about Margaret being lazy, because I feel like my boys, especially Laith, have the exact opposite problem. I often worry that he isn't interested in drawing or playing pretend with his animal figurines for very long...he just wants to scream and jump and somersault. I don't know if it is a gender thing. What do you think?

Lisa June 8, 2010 at 5:15 PM  

Maybe you could get her a toy stroller and let her take one of her babies for a walk!

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