May 7, 2010


We're having a nice time here in Houston. We've been here two days without my parents. They come home tonight from Mexico. That's when the fun really begins! We'll spend another three days with them. Mother's Day will be great!

We've seen lots of old friends already. More to come. Today we're off to the -- my main excuse for coming to Houston early. I hope I can manage two babies in that big conference center by myself! I may call in some outside help.

My card reader will NOT work on my parent's PC, so I'm afraid I have no pictures for you until Monday or Tuesday. Here's one that just happens to be on my parents computer. Stella and one of her dear dear blanket.


Jen May 8, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

oh, i wish i knew you were here! will you be staying until monday?

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