March 8, 2010

Put Your Right Arm Out

Stella has been waking up from her nap with one arm out of her shirt. It's very amusing for me. She's a bit confused, but proud nonetheless.

I've been extremely tired and not really having as much computer time. Sorry for my long absences! I hope to figure out this fatigue soon. I think it's something to do with my diet ... I would hate to discover a gluten allergy. I think I'm avoiding getting tested just so I don't find that out. Pretty juvenile, I know.

It's been complete bliss having Jeff home again. He brought home lots of Italian children's books. I feel a bit left out (not really) since he and Margot are doing their Italian thing much of the day. I'm certainly picking up phrases here and there though.


Back soon.

Love to you, my faithful blog readers! And some extra love to my sweet sister-in-law who wrote me the most encouraging email this morning. I've been on cloud nine all day. Look for a reply soon, Cadi!


Anonymous March 10, 2010 at 2:30 PM  

Haha. I know what you mean about gluten. I really think Laith has an issue with it, and I don't do best with lots of grain, so I stopped making bread (SADLY) 6 months ago, or so, maybe longer, and we truck along *mostly* gluten-free. But I try to pretend we're Indian, or something, and that we just like to eat lots of rice and lentils and greens and meats, and it works out. I've read about making real, homemade, sourdough, and how when it ferments long enough the gluten is actually gone from the loaf. Some day, when I am less busy, I will make some. And then I think I will get into the swing regularly, seeing as it is so digestible.

Have you thought about omitting soy? I know it can, and usually does, have pretty harsh, negative effects on overall health and digestion, and can contribute to thyroid conditions, among a myriad of other things.

I love the pictures you have of your girls. Have you always been into photography? I really would like to purchase a good camera for our family, but I'm a bit intimidated and fear the learning curve. Was it difficult to learn?

Oh, this comment is LONG.

Adios. (Glad Jeff is back!)

(amy griffin)

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