February 16, 2010

amy Butler Fabric

I love almost anything that Amy Butler designs! I'm going to have curtains made of her fabrics in my utility room/master bathroom/the nursery (all one room with many many uses). For now, I'm just having such a hard time.

Stella is still sleeping in that room. It works rather well (except that I have to scramble around like a mad cat to get all the laundry done while she is awake). It's tucked in the back of our bedroom, we use another bathroom at night, she loves it, it's bright yellow, and just perfect! We're planning to put them in the same bedroom right after the day light saving time begins.

For now, the light in "Stella's room" is so bright. Like I mentioned before, curtains are in order. The only problem is that Amy Butler has too much that I like. I simply cannot make up my mind on a fabric!

For now, this is what our curtains look like in that room.

Humbling. This is the same piece of brown paper we were using the night we moved into this house (before we had blinds ... or Stella, for that matter). You can see there are at least three different kinds of tape used here. I think Margot colored on the other side of it too. It's been through a lot!

Stella has started to use a pretend mad face. She thinks it's a riot. Here she is flirting with Ali and loving it!


karolyn February 16, 2010 at 12:46 PM  

I love Amy Butler too but have you seen the fabric in person? You should go look at it before you decide because it's different than you think. Still cute, just different. I think it's perfect for your little girls. You should put up the samples you like on the blog and let people vote or send feedback.

Holly February 16, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

I have worked with a few of her fabrics, but no one in Waco carries it. (ridiculous, I know.) I will post some samples soon. Good idea. Though I cannot guarantee that I will go with the consensus!

Anonymous February 17, 2010 at 9:36 PM  

Hey Holly, I didn't know you had a blog....I just found it through Anna. I also love Amy Butler fabrics. And my solution for not being able to decide which fabric to use is to find more uses for the fabric. That way you can use so many of the lovely designs! Think curtains, bags, dresses, skirts, pillows. And not just for yourself, use them to make gifts. You fulfill the desire to work with the fabric, but it's not necessarily everywhere in your house. Oh, and there is a place in Waco that carries her fabrics- I miss it so. It's Tomorrow's Quilts on Lake Air. They have changed actual buildings since we moved so I can't attest to the current location, but it had a wonderful atmosphere complete with toys for the children to play with while you browse. You should go, and if you do, tell Stacy I said hi! (Sorry for the long comment! I really could have typed a lot more)

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