June 18, 2010

Water Table

I think I have mentioned in this space before that my children are currently on opposite napping schedules. There are times that their 3 hour nap cycles overlap for an hour (ah, such sweet moments are sweeter than honey, yea honey from the comb!)
But mostly the end of Stella's nap almost perfectly coincides with the beginning of Margaret's. I'm working on stretching Stella out. My friend Lisa makes it sound so easy. She is the sleep expert to whom I am taking all my questions and woes.
So, my series of pictures of sisters has pretty much come to a close. It seems like they're only together at the breakfast table in the morning and then again at dinner time in the evening. Rarely do they even bathe together anymore! Poor girls.

All this to explain why my blog post are only including one girl at a time.

Since Margot's naps are in the late afternoon, Stella's outside time has to be carefully spent. I've been placing her in the watertable in the shade with a hat. She seems to enjoy it, though she'd rather be running around free.

She has turned into a lover of balls. This yellow and orange polka dot ball has become like a security blanket .. she's even sleeping with it.

Here she is enjoying the widebrim.

THEN she noticed that I had a camera, what she thought was surely HER camera.
When I said, "no" things went south.

You mean you aren't going to give me that camera?


Anonymous June 18, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

Her hair matches either! Lovely the blog, have a great weekend. Amanda.

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