March 4, 2010


My new thing is cold milk coffee with splenda.

I used old glass baby bottles and baby food jar lids to make it more portable than a traditional cup.

I must admit that even 4 ounces of coffee made me just a bit uncomfortable. I think I will do half-caff next time.

4 oz cold coffee
4 oz vanilla soymilk
1 packet of splenda.

I made four at a time and stored them in the fridge.

And what's a post about milkcoffee without a confession?
I must confess that the thought of having children in matching clothing has suddenly taken me by storm. Strange. I used to think this was a bit much. It's not that I despised it, I just couldn't really see wanting to do it. But wow, I surely do now. Got some matching skirts for the girls this morning at Walmart for cheap! I went in to buy green onions seeds and came out with ... let just say I came out with a bit more than green onion seeds. Now to find out how to get a picture of both of them wearing their skirts.


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