February 20, 2010

Things have been easier here in some ways but harder in others. Stella's nap schedule is changing up. I think she only needs one nap now but she really wants to do it at 9 AM which isn't working. So I continue to lay her down at 1 PM and she plays for about an hour. So she's sleeping 2:00-3:30. Margot naps at 12:00-2:00.

Can you spot the problem?

They are napping at OPPOSITE TIMES! I'm working towards Margot napping later and am considering (barely) helping Stella drop her morning nap.

I've been pretty unmotivated to make dinner ... so we've been doing really simple foods and lots of a la carte veggies. I'm craving some seasonings and soups. Thanks to Anna and Lisa, I have no excuse not to be making soup because I have great recipes! I'm just so tired! Too tired even to take a picture! Tomorrow...


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