February 26, 2010


I hate piles, generally. Show me a pile of gummie children's vitamins, and I'm happy (yes I'm still eating the children's vitamins with gusto) but a pile of paper in my house makes my heart rate rise and my brain flop. I discovered over the last days that piles aren't so bad...collections, if you will.
Here are some of the tolerable collections in my house.

The infamous "kitchen drawer:

My 1980s hand-me-down tote/diaperbag from which I had just extracted my bulky camera

The dish drainer, filled with Stella cups and Margot cups.

The haphazard shoe basket. What a lovely way to welcome guests into my home. (This really should be listed under tolerable piles)

Basket of toys in our bedroom, also pictured here.

A stack that I need to look through, tear out good recipes, then recycle! (I am going to start doing that immediately). More about real simple later. I hate that magazine ... and I love it.

And lastly, a little guy we met yesterday.


Brooke G. February 26, 2010 at 9:14 PM  

Your shoe basket looks like ours (minus the cute girlie shoes!) Don't you just love PILES?

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