February 3, 2010

Children's Museum

Since Stella is now walking just a little bit, we have been going out to do more toddler type things. We hadn't been to our children's museum in months. We found a new tea party room that was dream land for Margot. She was running around the room busy and working the whole time we were in the room. She was even happy to clean up all the mess. The walls are a funky green and the lights are a strange yellow, so my white-balance was a nightmare.

I guess it was dream land for Stella too! She loved looking in the glass china cabinets. These pictures really don't do justice to the wonder of the room.

They had fake strawberries and fake cookies. A bit hit with both girls.

She would not have minded if both of those cookies were in her tiny mouth simultaneously. You'd think she knew what they tasted like... she's never even seen the real thing. Margot said "They're frozen".

They also have a sound room with all sorts of sound distorting devices which the girls are still much too young to appreciate. The gigantic piano, however, was right up their alley.

Margot was running up and down the piano and Stella was excitedly crawling the length. Wish I had some video footage.


Lisa February 3, 2010 at 2:01 PM  

My boys love the tea room, too! Wish we were closer so we could join you for an outing :(

MLEastland February 3, 2010 at 5:07 PM  

so cool!! do they have any manly rooms? like a truck room?

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