January 7, 2010


My dear and darling husband has perfect pitch. It's wonderful to have such a person in an a capella singing group. But for a practically tone deaf wife, it's a bit intimidating.

The other day we had some people over to sing (thankfully these people don't read my blog so I needn't worry). These people were absolutely off key. It was a joy for me to having them singing so, for it made me a little less self conscious about singing half as well as the hunky husband.
Why should it be that others singing off key should make me more at ease about not being perfectly tuned? I suppose that not being the worst singer in the room does lift one's self esteem a bit. Was it humility that kept me from singing loudly without the OKP (off key people)? I've decided that it was indeed pride that stopped me singing with all my heart. Have you ever thought you were being humble when you refrained from doing this or that because another might have done it better? I have always wanted to be the best at everything I do. As a young girl I was not the best student so I pretty much stopped trying my best. When I got to junior high and I wasn't the best one on the basket ball team, I ditched it and chose to run track instead. All my life I thought I was humble. Skipping something because you're not the best stems from pride. I'm working on doing my best at what I do without regard to being the best, but I'm still tempted to pride.

Psalm 10: 4
In the pride of his face the wicked does not seek Him;
all his thoughts are, “There is no God.”

In pride, we are saying to God, "You don't matter, I do"
In humility, we crown him with our lives.

For now I will leave you with a humbling video of me singing to my Stella. Margot sings from the other room when I pause.


Anonymous January 7, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

True, true. I haven't really considered this before. I don't think I've got a terrible voice, but, BUT, I do sing much louder when I am alone. I am also going to strive to give my all to all things I do, regardless of competition.

PS I love your house. We need to come have dinner with you guys in Waco. I have not met ANY of your girls.

-Amy Griffin

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