November 12, 2010

Just Some Pictures

We had a few pants-optional days (for the younger set). We used those up planting all the acorns we could find. Good practice for winter weeding.

This is not an uncommon sight.

This is Margot doing her daily/hourly Bible teaching for Stella (with an Italian-English dictionary, because she thinks it's a hymnal -- don't ask). The picture is terrible because I have to sneak and skip the auto focus because they break up if they hear me coming. The focus is on the crib. Eeek. I'll try to get another shot because the posture of each sister is hilarious.

Toddler photography really does rock.

Porch stroller races


Birthday parties.


Carman November 13, 2010 at 2:49 PM  

I sure hope I get to meet these girlies in a couple of weeks!

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