October 13, 2010


I loved painting these little peg people. I found some inspiration online to go out and buy some at Michael's craft store. I'm so glad I did! I think it's just good for us to have an outlet for ART. Another outlet of mine is taking pictures of things on a white background. Oh! I love it. Would that babies never learned to roll over!! I would just be laying them on a white board and snapping every expression! WHITE!

I leave tomorrow for the True Woman conference in Fort Worth. I'm sad to leave Jeff and the children behind for three days but excited to see what God is going to do there!

Pray for Jeff here. This is a typical Goodnight Sequence with Margot

Mama: "Goodnight, dear. See you in the morning!"
Margot: "I want yogurt in the morning. With GRANOLA!
Mama: "Sounds yummy! See you then. Goodnight"
{door closes}
Margot screaming from behind the closed door: "DON'T put the granola [sobbing] in another bowl!!!!! AHHHHH.. WAAAAA WAAAA WAAAAA"
Mama walks back in: "Ok darling. We won't put the granola in another bowl."
Margot, sniffling, fighting back tears: "I love you"
Mama: "I love you. Goodnight"
{door closes}

and on.

Oh, and in those three days I'm away my babies could completely change! Look at what has happened in a mere 365 days:

We had another mini harvest festival last night. Margot pulled about 5, Stella pulled 1, and I pulled the rest. All split with our lovely neighbors, the Millars.


MLEastland October 13, 2010 at 3:49 PM  

i LOVE the peg people! i have been having an ebay vintage fisher price little people obsession, and you have gone and made your own!!

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