March 13, 2010

Sippy Cups

I feel like we've gone through so many sippy cups at our house. Most of the time I don't even look for reviews, I simply go to the store and pick something that is the least aesthetically offensive. I've ended up with many more than we really needed so I hope to spare you that waste.

A few of the sippy cups we used and my personal take on them:

NUK Learner Spout, 5 Ounce -- This cup has been used most at our house. When we were trying to transition Margot from bottle to cup, this was the ONLY one she would drink milk from. Stella has never used bottles. When she weaned herself from the breast, I gave her this cup with Meyenberg Powdered Goat Milk which has more fat than formula and is easily digested. The cup is wonderful and BPA free. However, the spout gets old quickly. It warps, making it hard to keep a tight seal to prevent leaks. It also can refuse to let milk through, which is frustrating. I probably ended up purchasing 20 replacement spouts (and about 5 cups) through the year that we've used them. It ends up being a ridiculously expensive cup.

Born Free Drinking Cup -- Neither of my children would drink from this cup. I tried getting water from it; practically impossible. DO NOT buy this cup!

Foogo by Thermos Leak-Proof SS 7 oz Sippy Cup with Handle -- Leaks. Every time. Enough said.
Would have been so wonderful, since I like the way it looks, but I ended up putting this one in the garbage.

Gerber Sip and Smile Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle Cup This has been with us the longest and has endured the most use. It really is spill proof.

Boon Fluid - No-Spill Toddler Cup I got this one to take in the car for a surprise on a very long car ride. It leaks like Niagara Falls. Very cute. Entertaining, but we ended up throwing it away.

Gerber Free Fun Grips Spill Proof Cup This one has the same valve system as the other Gerber and the lids are interchangeable. The spouts on this one are hard, so I don't let Stella walk around with it, for fear she may fall and damage her mouth. This one doesn't leak and it great for toddlers who know not to walk while drinking. "Don't drink and walk" is our rule.

Gerber Sip and Smile Spill Proof Cup 2 Handle Cup Margot was drinking while walking with this cup and we ended up in the dentist's office that afternoon. Her gums were severly bruised and swollen, but no permanent damage. This was the advent of the "Don't drink and walk" rule. NOT a fun day. Great cup though, really.

Playtex Baby The Insulator Twist 'n Click Straw Cup 9 OZ: Playhouse Leaks. Enough said. I now use it to store our Exacto Knife on a high shelf with a huge warning sign. Those things really should come with baby proof cases! So sharp!

I'm ashamed, having seen the list of cups that we've gone through, for not having been more careful. It really was wasteful! I'm even more ashamed that after seeing this cup I still want to buy it, even though I know that we're pretty much set with sippy cups.

Bottom line, Gerber sells the best sippies. Buy Gerber and you're set!


kt March 13, 2010 at 10:52 AM  

I was given the Baby Cie Sippy Cup as a gift and it is pretty bad. The valve makes it impossible to get any liquid and then Charlie dropped it on the floor and it broke in half. I have been through a few cups too and my favorite, by far, is the Munchkin Mighty Grip Trainer cup. It is easy to drink from, never leaks, and is impossible to spill. I got one at the grocery store and could never find it again so I bought more on! Ahhh, sippy cups!!

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