December 28, 2009


We've had such a good year in our new house. We moved in Dec. 11, 2008. Jeff had back surgery four days later and I gave birth three months after that. Six weeks after Stella was born, Jeff left the country for a month. One month after that he started teaching again after a 15 month sabbatical.

I can say that we are finally feeling more settled but still not very neat (or at least not as neat as I'd like to be).

Stella has started talking all the time. Talking and thinking. Her thoughtful expressions are so precious. It's hard to get much thinking done with Margot in your face all day, so I try not to capture many thinking expressions with the camera and just let her be. BUT since we were out in the yard together while Margot was sleeping, I had to capture this darling face.

Thomas Traherne wrote:

What is more Easy and Sweet than Meditation? As Nothing is more Easy than to Think, so nothing is more Difficult than to Think Well. The Easiness of Thinking we received from God, the Difficulty of thinking Well proceedeth from our selvs. Yet in Truth, it is far more Easy to think well than Ill, becaus Good Thoughts be sweet and Delightfull. Evil Thoughts are full of Discontent and Trouble. So that an Evil Habit and Custom hav made it Difficult to think well, not Nature. For, by Nature, nothing is so Difficult than to Think amiss.

This is from his Centuries of Meditations. The editor of one edition, called Margoliouth, I like to think we named our daughter (Margot) after. I highly recommend paging through a copy at your library. I've been so blessed by its contents.

Thomas Traherne: Centuries, Poems, and Thanksgivings


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