December 26, 2009

"I Want More Presents"

We had a wonderful time away from home! The 23rd was barefooted short-sleeved weather and the 24th was blizzard weather!

Here are a few shots of the two days away and one shot from Christmas day when we got home:

December 23rd

December 24th

December 25th

On Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story, sang carols, and opened presents with Jeff's family. There were so many gifts! We drove home early Christmas morning and my parents met us at our house. More presents! This is Margot's first Christmas in which she is starting to understands what is going on. After the celebration with Jeff's family and then the celebration with my parents, our humble idea of doing sweet and simple presents for 12 days felt pretty lame. This morning after we worshipped and sang carols, we opened our single presents of the day. The second day of Christmas brought Margot a new pair of mittens and Stella a new pair of socks. After Margot saw the mittens she said, "I want more presents." Eeeeek! Anyway, we'll see what happens tomorrow when she opens up HER package of new socks. (Stella won't have anything, perhaps that will help.)


MLEastland December 27, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

SUCH a great family picture!

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